QualiTack 3112 W


ThickenerLithium Calcium
Base oilMineraal
ConsistencyASTM D217NLGI 2
Drop pointIP 396> 180 ℃
Base oil viscoisty @ 40℃ASTM D7152420 mm2/s
Base oil viscoisty @ 100℃ASTM D715227 mm2/s
4-Ball Weld LoadDIN 513504200 N
TemperatureContinuous-20℃ – 130℃
TemperatureShort period140℃


  • Enhanced rust protection
  • Outstanding load carrying capacity
  • Good oxidation stability
  • Resistance against high shock loads
  • Strong water resistance

ISO norm: ISO 6743-9; L-XBCHB 2

DIN Standard: DIN 51502; KP2K-20


QualiTack 3112 W is a lighter version of the 3112 , the W( winter) indicates the preference to use this product under colder operating conditions . The product is developed for heavy load applications running at moderate speed where water-ingress is a risk. The product should not be used in high speed bearing systems as the high viscosity might cause overheating of the system.


  • Drum 180 kg
  • Drum 50 kg
  • Pail 18 kg
  • Box 4x 5kg
  • Box 12x cartridge 400gr